14th Apr
Phil Hanson">

WordPress Automatic

A blog is only a blog if you have posts. And while normally you are posting on topics you are interested in, you may find if you are doing this yourself, that you simply don’t have the time you would like to dedicate to your blog. So how can you get constant content on your website to keep your customer coming back for more day after day? One option is allowing others to write the articles for you. You could for instance hire another person to write your blog posts for you. This could turn out to be an expensive proposition for you if you pay per word, or per post. Fortunately there is another way of getting someone else to post for you that’s absolutely free–the Automatic Plug in.


Automatic is a plug in that can… automatically submit blogs posts, stories from feeds, Amazon products, relevant YouTube links, and more. Best of all, it posts to your blog at intervals you select, making you blog appears to have a steady stream of content, which is what visitors needs to want to come back day after day. Setting up Automatic is easy enough, not unlike installing any other plug in for WordPress.


Automatic is not a free plug in, it’s a premium one, though at $18 it’s far cheaper than hiring a person to do all of this for you. You can purchase and download the plug in here:

After you purchase it, you can download the plug in to your hard drive. Then to install it log into the WordPress back end, sick on Plugins on the left hand side. Then click add new at the top. Click upload plugin, click choose file, then navigate on your hard drive to where the downloaded file is located. You ant to make sure you upload the .zip file as WordPress will unpack it for you.

Now that it’s installed, feel free to play around with it. We will write another post on how to use Automatic in the near future.