Why Blogging
6th Apr
Phil Hanson">

So you want to start blogging? You’ve now created your blog, installed your templates, messed with your setting, now is the time to create your first post right? Well, not exactly, there is something else you should consider before you start writing.

Why are you blogging in the first place?

Before you consider adding content, I need  you to get a pen and paper, and write down answers to the following questions:

  • What is the reason for your blog.
  • What are your expectations for your blog.
  • Who is your core audience.

Imagine your new blog is a bright shining star, suspended in the dark, night sky of the Internet.

The problem is no one has ever heard of this star, and don’t know where in the sky to look for it.

In order to get people to find your site you need to provide them with the knowledge it exists, and secondly how to access it.

Unless you are the type of individual who can hammer out 500-800 words effortlessly in an hour, blogging is, in and of itself, a time consuming job. Even if you are blogging about a topic that interests you, which by the way is EXACTLY what you should blog about, getting ideas of what to talk about can get more difficult as the easy ideas are written about first.

Are you trying to write about things you enjoy and want to give your opinion on? Do you want to write self help posts about subjects you are knowledgeable at where other people could use your assistance? Do you want to write reviews about products you purchased or used to help other people make a buying decision? If you are facing yourself to come up with 500 words everyday, your reader will be able to tell, and will be turned off by what you are writing. Focus on your core niche, keep in touch with newsworthy events, changes, and write about what interests you. Odds are, your audience will find it interesting as well.