29th Mar
Phil Hanson">

Mastering Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the more popular WordPress Plugins, allowing you to create a simple contact form to collect visitor information without any kind of coding knowledge. However, it still might be a little confusing the first few times you use it, so I created a short tutorial to get you started.

Downloading and Installing Contact Form 7

The easiest way to install this plugin is to log into the back end of your WordPress site at The navigate to Plugins > Add New > and in the Search Plugins box, type in Contact Form 7, and hit enter or return.

Contact Form 7

When you see something that looks like the above screenshot, click Install Now. Afterwards click Activate Plugin. That’s it, you are now ready to start using Contact Form 7. Easy right?

Using Contact Form 7

Over on the left have navigation panel you should now see the link Contact. Now this isn’t your actual contact page, this allows you to create the form itself, and then link this form on any page you want. The default is probably fine for most occasions, I plan or writing another post soon about customizing Contact Form 7 more to fit special needs. For now note the column that says “Shortcode”. You want to copy the entire code including the enclosing [] tags. This shortcode allows you to place your form anywhere on your blog.

To make things simple we will and this code to the existing contact page. Navigate to Pages > and under Contact Us click Edit. Now and important thing to know about the default WordPress editor window is that there are two modes: Visual and Text. Visual allows you to write and style text similar to a Word Processor like Microsoft Word. Text allows you to write html or WordPress code, like what we just copied. So select text and paste in the WordPress shortcode we copied earlier. Click the blue update button, then click the View Page link at the top of the page. Instead of the pasted code, you should see a full form, ready for you to fill out.

This form uses the email address you created when you set up WordPress, if you want to change this email address, navigate to Settings > General, and change the email address. Well that its for a brief introduction on how to use the Contact Form 7 Plugin for single web forms, stay tuned for a more detailed explanation on how to customize the forms to add or remove fields needed for your data collection purposes.