Reputation Management
16th Mar
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How can we help?

The Internet is a huge part of how companies do business every day. The odds are good that a customer will learn a great deal about your company researching it online before even the first interaction. A Harvard Business study in 2012 showed that 4 in 5 customers won’t engage with a business after seeing a single negative review. That is something the Vibrant Web online reputation management can help prevent from happening. We monitor your company name across the Internet and social media platforms for negative reviews. We then either contact the review writer to attempt and rectify the situation, or at least leave a counterpoint for others customer to get your side of the story.

Can’t we do this ourselves?

You definitely could. But the reason why you have a company like Vibrant Web handle your online reputation is so you can concentrate on the things important to you, like running your business and making it successful.

What about Social Media?

We have different tools to help you manage your online presence and reputation so you can focus more of your time on other things. Our tools monitor:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • And more…

We provide an easy to use interface that allows you to monitor, post, and see insights on all of these different social media accounts in one location. You are also able to create a single post, include a pertinent photo, and post to all of your social media platforms at once, rather than doing so individually, thus saving you time and effort.

Why is Reputation Management important?

Other than your phone line, your customers are most likely to interact with your company through social media. And in todays high tech, connected society, customer expect a response within hours of asking a question, or voicing a concern. Appearing active is an important aspect for a company in many customers eyes. It also allows you to find and “put out fires” quickly before you lose the chance to save a customer forever. Replying to a concern a month, or even a week late can likely reignite discontent and help it to spread. Social media is an asset you need to make sure you stay on top of at all times.

If you have any more questions, give our sales team a call today. They can help with any reputation management concerns, or any other questions you may have. Visit our site here. Until next time.