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13th Apr
Phil Hanson">

How to Make Your Permalink SEO Friendly in WordPress

You may have heard the phrase “SEO friendly” in regard to WordPress links and have wondered what exactly it meant. This phrase relate to the actual url created when you make a post, the link that shows in the address bar at the top of your browser. Making the link friendly mean instead of the php code a WordPress link usually shows ex. vibrant-web.com/index.php?p=123 you will see actual words like vibrant-web.com/a_post, which makes it easier for the post to rank on Google.

This is an important feature to set on your blog, on that can make the difference between your posts ranking on Google and not. Fortunately, this is an easy thing to set in WordPress.

First log into your WordPress backend, then go to Settings > Permalink’s. The most common choice is Post Name, but month and name, or day and name might be good alternatives if your blog is in a date format. After you click save changes, any new posts you create will have SEOP friendly permalink. Remember to make them even more friendly by choosing post topics that have the word you are trying to list for as WordPress will use this title to create the URL.