Image Editors
31st Mar
Phil Hanson">

Image Editors

If you regularly employs photos of one kind or another on your WordPress sites for story headers, featured images, or just to make examples highlighting a particular section of text—you are going to need image editors to help you size and edit these photos for the web. I am going to list three of my favorite editors, one Mac only and the other two Mac and PC. Now there are quite a few choices out there besides these three, however far too many to list in one blog post. Feel free to Google imager editors if you want to try out any not listed here.


The first editor I want to talk about is the 100 lbs gorilla in the room, Adobe Photoshop. You can read more information or download a trial here:

Photoshop has been around about as long as there has been the Internet. In fact the menus of most other program borrow heavily from Photoshop’s. In terms of what you can do with a software package, Photoshop is the most comprehensive, most difficult to master, and thus, also the most expensive of the three options I’m going to talk about today. Normally, I would advise against getting Photoshop for beginners unless you plan on studying and mastering this program.


GIMP is a free, open source image editor that gained it’s claim to fame on Linux platforms over the years. It’s also available on Windows and Mac OSX. You can download it here:

As someone who has used Photoshop for a long time, to me using GIMP was HARDER than using Photoshop, but I think the case would be different if you are just starting out using image editors, and GIMP is much better now than what it used to be. Of course one of GIMP’s main claims to fame is that it is absolutely free, so definitely something to look at if you are budget contained and need to edit images for your blog.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is a newer entry, following on the heals of Affinity Designer. This application is Mac only so bear that in mind. You can learn more about this program and download a demo at:

Affinity Photo runs FAST even on older Mac’s, because it’s built for the platform, and lacks legacy cruft from years of previous version like Photoshop. That said it still lacks some features Photoshop has, but may get them at some point. For the beginner though, this will work as well as Photoshop and cost much, much less. For someone who has a Mac, this is the program I suggest.