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20th Feb
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How to: Capture Information That Turns Visitors Into Leads

If you’re anything like the majority of Vibrant Web customers, you’ve always looked for ways to monetize your website, but maybe haven’t seen a lot of success in passive monetization methods (display ads, affiliate links, paid memberships, etc.). Well, it’s very likely you are overlooking one of the simplest ways to create a new customer (i.e. lead capture), and the best part is, you’ll have all of the information needed to market to them time-and-time-again.

First, let’s try not to reinvent the wheel here, there’s no need for all that. I’m going to keep this as simple as possible, and I’ll include links to some of the best WordPress Plugins you can use to capture your visitors information.

Let’s start with the basics

What is a capture form? A capture form is a simple widget or pop up that is quick and easy to fill out. The typical capture form will have 2 fields (name and email) and a submit button.

Capture Form
Here’s an example of our lead capture form.

What does a capture form do? The simple answer – if a customer decides to fill out your capture form, the form will save the customer’s name and email into a database that you can use to send out marketing emails.

Why do I NEED a capture form? Unlike placing passive ads on your site that people blindly click and leave, you have the opportunity to tailor your marketing to REAL people. You can drive traffic back to your site, or maybe to one of your affiliate offers. The choice is yours. It’s better to have a capture form than to NOT have one.

Where do I find a good capture form? In the WordPress Repository. We suggest using the Contact Form 7 plugin with the Mailchimp add-on.

That’s all the information I’ll share for today, stay tuned for more information and full walk through tutorials on how to setup and configure your Mail Chimp and contact form 7 capture form.