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12th Apr
Phil Hanson">

More Free Design Tools

A few days ago I posted an article called Free Design Tools, five links to free, online services to help your small business succeed online. Well I’ve found a few more free design tools I want to share with you today. AS before I’ve tried to find free, web based solutions to reduce the pressure one your bank account and allow you to use these tools anywhere, at home, at work, etc. as long as you have an Internet connection. Without further ado, lets talk about…


Infographics are a good way to tell a story about your companies data in a way that is clear and not confusing to people outside of your organization. is a free online tool to help you create an infographic that looks professional. You can use these infographics for reports, or to let the public know a bit more about what your company does or it’s impact on your industry.


Microsoft Powerpoint is the defect tool for making presentations, you know those slides that you fall asleep viewing 90% of the time. But there are other tools out there you can use to help make any presentations stand out. Press offers slick templates, great color selection, and an offer all enjoyable slide making experience.


While these are more promotional tools, they should be useful to small business none the less. Stay tuned and any other useful free tools I find online, I’m make sure to collect and add in a future post. Thanks for reading.