23rd Mar
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Two Amazing Tips To Help Brand Your Business

Creating a company brand is an important park of creating your company. Your brand is the first thing a potential customer will associate with your company, and the more memorable the better. Here are two tips on how to brand your products with a personal, professional touch that will wow your customers and make them loyal fans for life.

Step 1 – Chose A Name

Your business name is an important aspect of your company. In most cases, it should do a good job hinting at what your business is without additional explanation. This is not an absolute rule, there are plenty of examples of companies whose name has absolutely nothing to do with their business,,, and more. For the most part though, for a small company just starting off, having the name of what you’re selling in your domain name is a good idea. A good tool for helping you pick your name is Shopify’s business name generator.

You simply pick the word you would like to include in your domain name. For instance I picked the word “tool” as if my fictional business were to sells tools like SnapOn. I immediately got back results such as or Having a standard word like this included in your company and domain name is important because this is just the type of word people would search for online, helping you out in search ranking.

Step 2 – Design Your Logo

Your logo is likely the next item after your name a new customer will see and associate with your business. Your goal is to create a professional, memorable logo that becomes your brand. Our advice is not to take this decision lightly. Even if you have some photoshop skills, you may want to leave this work to someone who makes their living with logo or graphic design. Envato is a company you can have design a logo on the cheap, or another tip is try out some designers plying their craft on These are the less expensive alternatives to hiring a well know design firm. Remember—don’t settle.

Color is as important as form in a logo. Fast Company had a great article explaining what different colors mean subconsciously to people. Visit their site to see a complete breakdown of colors, the feelings they invoke, and how famous companies use this information to brand their logos.